Drone-Based Magnetic Surveying for a Better Vantage Point

UAV Exploration pioneered Drone-Based Magnetic Surveying for well-locating, making traditional well-finding a thing of the past.


Locate abandoned wells with UAV magnetic surveying

Our multi-phase approach ensures large and complex abandoned well-locating projects can be accomplished efficiently and completely. Pinpoint accuracy of the location data for wells results in informed decision-making on how to address wells, facilitating their proper management and minimizing associated health, environmental and economic impact risks they represent.

Skyview of Locating Abandoned Wells with Drones
A UAV employee utilizing a drone flying in the sky

Our Proven Process

Step 1

Gather Requirements

We begin by helping our clients navigate the requirements of a comprehensive abandoned well survey and craft the appropriate plan based on the latest regulations.

Step 2

Site Visit & Scan

Next, we employ USA-built UAV platforms and magnetometer systems, flown by expert-level operators to collect high resolution aeromagnetic data over the entire site.

Step 3

Identify Targets

Once aerial data collection is complete, our in-field data experts identify all well-like targets for further investigation.

Step 4

Verify & Pinpoint Targets

Our crews then conduct a comprehensive ground-based survey to verify targets of interest. Various ground-based methods are employed, up to and including excavation.

Step 5

Share Findings

Finally, our team will custom tailor the deliverables package to suit your needs and help you walk through findings with regulators.

We recognize each abandoned well survey has unique requirements. Our goal is to be your turn-key solution provider, ensuring all your specific project demands are met.
UAV drone shot of landscape with trees and clouds
abandoned well

A modern solution to an age-old problem

Over the last century, abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells have become a significant headache for developers due to safety, health, environmental, and economic concerns. So, it’s no wonder developers building in oil and gas country feel compelled to locate and deal with these wells before they break ground on new projects.

State well databases are notoriously inaccurate, outdated, and incomplete. Missing records, changing landscapes, and limited resources make accurately locating old wells a difficult task. Not anymore. At last, developers with substantial land portfolios have a solution.

Fast, accurate abandoned well-finding, at scale, isn’t just possible, it’s a reality.

UAV Exploration Inc. is a geophysical services provider specializing in Unmanned Aerial Magnetic Surveying. Our crews have safely performed hundreds of magnetic survey missions across the US, having located and mapped thousands of abandoned and orphaned wells and counting.

  • Support local health and well-being. Protect the surrounding community from harmful vapors and water pollution that could lead to health risks caused by contamination.
  • Promote a sustainable environment. Safeguard well infrastructure, reducing the risk of accidents from structural failures, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving air quality.
  • Safeguard financial resources. Simplify the remediation, plugging, and environmental cleanup of abandoned wells, while unlocking land development potential and enhancing property values.
UAV drone shot a higher elevation of Landscape

Why UAV magnetometer surveys are so critical

Besides the obvious environmental imperative, our UAV magnetometer surveys assist a variety of clients in satisfying regulations relating to locating abandoned oil & gas wells.

UAV magnetometer surveys assist solar farm and renewable energy developers in identifying and addressing abandoned wells, supporting site assessment, safety measures, regulatory compliance, infrastructure design, cost estimation, environmental sustainability, and long-term operations. These surveys contribute to responsible development practices, mitigate risks, and promote the successful implementation of renewable energy projects.

UAV magnetometer abandoned well surveys support CCS developers in satisfying regulations on Class VI sequestration projects. These surveys contribute to responsible risk mitigation in locating unknown wells that could act as a pathway for CO2 to reach the surface.

UAV magnetometer surveys assist oil and gas companies in identifying and managing abandoned wells for asset management, safety, regulatory compliance, environmental stewardship, operational efficiency, portfolio evaluation, and cost estimation. These surveys support responsible resource development, mitigate risks, and help companies effectively manage their operations and environmental impact.

UAV magnetometer surveys help developers better meet safety and other regulations, plan efficiently, estimate costs, and engage the community. They promote responsible development, hazard prevention, successful project execution, and environmental sustainability.

UAV magnetometer surveys assist environmental and natural resource agencies in locating abandoned wells to ensure public safety, environmental protection, efficient resource allocation, legacy well management, and informed land-use planning. These surveys play a crucial role in developing accurate well-databases, managing and mitigating risks associated with abandoned wells and facilitating responsible governance of natural resources.

Additional geophysical services and capabilities

UAV-Mag for Mining & Mineral Exploration

Our drone-based magnetic surveys are a valuable tool due to their ability to rapidly acquire high-resolution magnetic data, access remote or challenging terrains, provide cost-effective exploration, enhance safety, and improve targeting and resource estimation for potential mineral deposits.

UXO Detection

Using our drones and specialized magnetometers, our UXO Detection services help identify and locate high concentrations of munitions of explosive concern. Enabling safe removal and clearance to protect people in affected areas.

Ground-Based Magnetic/EM Surveys

While our drone-based magnetic surveys are the faster option, depending on your survey objectives, target depth, terrain characteristics, budget constraints, and logistical considerations, our land-based magnetic surveys may be the better fit for your project.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Our comprehensive GPR surveys can detect underground utilities, voids, buried structures and artifacts, geological anomalies and more to help project planners mitigate risks, avoid costly disruptions, preserve archaeological resources, assess subsurface conditions, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Thermal Imaging/High Resolution RGB Imagery

UAVEX’s thermal and HiRes RGB imaging capabilities are a value-added supplement to our magnetometer surveys on an as needed basis. This includes providing updated base imagery, creating more accurate surface and elevation models and in assisting in target investigation.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)

By using LiDAR, it is possible to reveal intricate details hidden beneath foliage such as former well pad locations, access paths and other evidence of former oil and gas drilling activities. LiDAR surveys also provide exceptionally accurate and detailed 3D models, making this technology an efficient solution for mapping various terrains, including otherwise inaccessible areas.

Engage the True Leaders in UAV Magnetic Surveys

We recognize each abandoned well survey has unique requirements. Our goal is to provide a turn-key solution for our clients to ensure their specific project demands are met.

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